The Otherworld is a dimension that humans were forcibly transported to by God. In the first timeline, the Otherworld acted as a sort of 25 year Tutorial to prepare the weak humans for the inevitable arrival of the Abyss. After that, the Abyss opens.

Overview Edit

A world where humanity will learn to adapt until the the Abyss arrives. It is divided into 7 major zones, plus the Tutorial Zone (Colorless) where new adventurers go in their first week/three months without interference from more experienced adventurers.The 7 zones between the Tutorial and the Abyss are based off the colors of the rainbow, with each zone having a higher level of energy.

After these three months the human adventurers have to build ships and sail to the Red Zone. Transferring to the news zones is done by finding the dimensional portal and jumping into it. It is only possible to move up to the next zone. Going back to a previous zone is impossible.

The 7 Zones plus the Tutorial are structured after the colors of a rainbow:

Tutorial (Colorless) > Red > Orange > Yellow > Green > Blue > Indigo > Violet

5 years later, all the people from the real dimension will be transported to the Otherworld and after that the passage that links the Otherworld and the Abyss will open along with the Great War between them and the inhabitants of the Abyss.

Tutorial Edit

The first zone which people are first transferred to, and given guidance from fairies. The Tutorial Zone is divided into two stages, and the people will transfer to the Red Zone afterwards.

First Stage: Edit

The surroundings resembled Gangnam train station although not quite. the people are put there and were ordered to fight another race. At night the moon will burn any food that have been claimed.

Red Zone Edit

The Red Zone is the first zone that people are transferred to after completing the 3 month Tutorial. Adventurers must build a ship by gathering the required materials. Once the ship is made by the Fairies, adventurers would have to traverse the Toxic Sea of the Red Zone until they hit land. The Red Zone is an eternally blazing world filled with toxic water. The World Tree acts as land and provides sustenance for its inhabitants. The zone is divided into the End root, Middle root, Base root and Trunk of the World Tree which is basically a humongous tree the size of a continent. The previous ruler and inhabitants of the Red Zone are the Elvenheims.

Orange Zone Edit

The Orange Zone is the second zone that people are transferred to after jumping into the portal in the Red Zone. It is a world filled with lava and enormous creatures known as Gragos which the humans and other races live on. The Gragos acts as land and provides sustenance for its inhabitants. The people from the Red Zone can go up to the Orange Zone once a month when the portal beneath the World Tree opens. The starting point of the Orange Zone is inside the mouth of one of the Margoth; giant several kilometer size monsters. The previous ruler and inhabitants of the Orange Zone are the Akarons.

Yellow Zone Edit

The Yellow Zone is the third zone that people are transferred to after jumping into the portal in the Orange Zone. It is a vast world filled with forest. The previous ruler and inhabitants of the Yellow Zone are the Sages who one day disappeared. For 800 years, the Higher Race ruled the Yellow Zone and warred against each other while enslaving the humans who eventually came up. The Yellow Zone is filled with artifacts and technology of the Sages, including the Satellite Fortress that made the Higher Race invincible to the humans. Ceasefire villages created by Clementine are human farms for the Higher Races yet acts as a sanctuary for new arrivals.

Green Zone Edit

The Green Zone is the fourth zone that people are transferred to after jumping into the Silver Sea in the Yellow Zone. It is a world that hosts the virtual game 'Exodus', created by God, for 70 billion people who lived in another world. When the fourth patch of the game was released, bug players appeared. When these players are killed, every artifact on them are dropped and the killers receive a lot of experience. These bug players are the adventurers from Earth. It's strictly forbidden for the adventurers to say that they are from another world.

Blue Zone Edit

The living superweapon Nelkipa. It was created by an alien race for warfare and is under control of Melchizedek. Bombardment using Photon Strikes seems to be its main way of attacking but it has a giant canon that can be used against tough enemies. It is actually not far from the Indigo Zone, and it orbits a planet along with the Indigo Zone. It also acts a space station and robots mainly reside here. There are C-levels, B-levels, A-levels, N-levels and finally R-levels. K-level is a unique title granted to only 3 people only present in Angakara.

Indigo Zone Edit

The planet of Angakara, a giant weapon that houses 3 races, the humans, the natives and a mysterious previous race, the Neropa. 3 Relics are scattered around the planet. One is in Pompeilion, another in the Neropa Union, and the final one in the Flameless Land, where the power of the Flame (Core of the weapon/planet) be used. The 3 relics can be merged to form a spear. It can grow the seeds of the Dragon God Armour in a place within the Indigo Zone called Karakan. Like the Blue Zone, it orbits a planet and is close to the Blue Zone. The Red Jade is the core of the planet and its source of power.

Violet Zone Edit

It is so beautiful it is worthy of being called a Utopia. The 8 Desire trees, a tree that can fulfill wishes, exists here. It uses its essence of its seeds to grant these wishes but it takes a long time to replenish. The 8 trees are actually part of a beast, Desire Return, who had the desire to look into other people's desires. The Holy Ark and Last Treasure of the Neropa Race, Noah, is also present.Built with great technological advancements, it was built to to make residents as happy as possible from the harsh environment that could reappear whenever forever. Noah stores many different types of animals and keeps them isolated in rooms. All of them have similar desires to escape Noah. The material of the Noah's hallway prevents the use of penetrating vision skills, communication skills, and even all sorts of teleportation and space movement skills, as well as an individual's senses. Noah also stores a large number of Red Jades and a liquid which holds gargantuan amounts of energy, Exinium, not inferior in power to Angakara. Noah is operated by an AI of the same name. It is built under the assumption it would be carrying millions to billions of users. All of the previous powerful transcendental weapons and legacies were all created by the Neropa Race, one in each zone, including the Tutorial Zone, where Nurumba can be found, the World Tree in the Red Zone, the Body Enhancement in the Orange Zone, the Mana Jades in the Yellow Zone, the Spirits in the Green Zone, the Dragon God Armour in the Blue Zone, Red Jade in the Indigo Zone, Noah in the Violet Zone.

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