One of the Elvenheim King's two treasures, the two treasures that are required to keep the kingship. The other treasure is the Forked Lightning.

The Fairies created a copy, called Weapon Eater, which is the Solo Numbering 6 artifact.

Description Edit

A silver scale armor made to protect the Elvenheim king who is located in the Red Zone. It's other name is Arsenal.

The armor devours other weapons or armors to gain power. A mouth appears on the chest of the armor when devouring things. In order to gain control of the Thousand Soldiers Armor, one needed to pass the Power Succession, a stage during which the armor will check the owner for their qualifications for the armor. The silver scales of the armor will cover and imprison the person while pressing on the person's body as if it was trying to crush it. The equipped person will undergo the test to become the owner of the Thousand Soldiers Armor while being inside it. Seven out of ten people usually die in the process. The silver scales of the armor will cover and imprison the successor's body.

Arsenal stores millions of miniature versions of the Five Relics inside of it. The <Forgotten Sword> relic is distributed to the armies but the other relics are all stored within Arsenal if it was not during a time of war. Normal soldiers could use the five different kinds of gears like the <Formless Armor> and the <Seven Star Marbles> from the Arsenal only when the King allows them to.

Major Plot Spoilers

During the battle with the blue armor, Legacy, Thousand Soldiers Armor was damaged. Due to its limitations as a Solo Numbering artifact, it could not withstand the strength of a Transcendent. With each attack, the armor broke a little more every time it was hit. The armor was eventually replaced after Hansoo took control of the blue armor, Legacy.

Abilities Edit

The armor is a Growing Artifact that grows by eating up gears. It would get harder and harder and change its color once enough has been devoured. It would evolve once it ate thousands and thousands of gears. It only ate the good materials from those gears then create an armor that fit the user's body. It shows a much higher hardness and mana conductivity compared to other armors.

Special Ability: Edit

  • Increased defense against weapons it had eaten or ones similar to it.
  • Power over the miniature versions of the Five Relics.
  • Can supply millions of lesser copies of the Five Relics to an army.

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