A 2m who wears a simple white monk's attire. Tiamet is a man who lived for over a thousand years and protected the Empire in the Green Zone. A living fossil and a historical relic. He roots himself in the White Dragon Arena in order to gain power and surpass the limits of the world.

Bio Edit

Tiamet is the strongest being in the Green Zone and is considered by Hansoo to be as strong as an Abyss being, albeit the weakest one. He is man who created the difference between the Empire and the Kingdoms in the Green Zone.

Tiamet doesn't want anyone to go past the mountain range located to the north past the Spirit Lands. Neither the citizens of this world, the Ains, nor the players. And so, 1000 years ago, he sealed the Ains and suppressed the citizens by creating the Empire and the Kingdoms. There was no need to worry about the immortal players since their limitations prevented them from doing so. However, the adventurers appeared 1000 years later.

When the adventurers were transported to the Otherworld and eventually reached the Green Zone, Tiamet discovered them and proceeded to use the ones he found to bait the others and kill them. He met Clementine during this time and the two made a contract with each other. Tiamet wanted to stop the adventurers who were continuously popping up from reaching the Spirit Lands but he alone wouldn't be able to stop them while he rooted himself in the White Dragon Arena. Clementine suggested that she will catch them all for him. With the support of the Empire and Kingdom as well as the rewards and the hatred towards the adventurers, a humongous clan was created. Jang Oh received the help of the Empire and became the clan leader. He was to look over the Spirit Lands and capture other adventurers for Tiamet. For this price, Clementine's comrades were guaranteed safety. This is how the Ant Eater clan, a clan who kills Bug Players, was created.

True History and Origin

1000 years ago, humanity in the Green Zone discovered a new energy source - Mana Nodes. Humans yearned for more energy and thus they pried open every bit of space where the node passed by. The mana node then overloaded and the entire world flipped upside down. Volcanoes erupted as the mantle below the surface flipped and in worse cases, continents broke off. Endless amounts of hail plummeted down from the skies to cover over half of the entire Earth as the volcanic ash quickly covered the skies. The entire planet got covered in darkness and a long ice age came.

In order to survive, humanity created the artificial energy system, Spirit, and also the enhance beings who were able to use this system. The genius researcher, Nepallem, created the enhanced beings with the purpose of helping humans survive in this ice age. Humanity also created spaceships and began preparing in order to migrate to another planet called Tiamet.

And thus Tiamet came into existence. Tiamet is a part of the TMT series, one of the top 2 series along with the MSL series. While the MSL series' objective is to manage the system that provided humans with a good environment to live in, the TMT series's objective is to get rid of various variables and dangers that may come in the way of humans. The TMT series would protect the humans in the unknown planet Tiamet which was filled with dangers.

Tiamet's job is to kill and smash things apart. He and the other enhanced race were set so they would only be able to attack the citizens with the orders of 1st grade humans or when the citizens themselves broke a rule. But the citizens are allowed to beat and berate the enhance beings with no repercussions. There was a time when Tiamet was stomped and ripped apart by the citizens, until a 3rd grade woman by the name of Astania saved him.

When humanity was ready to begin boarding the ships to migrate to another planet, the 3rd class citizens were left behind. Tiamet tried to take Astania with him to the ship but was blocked and forced off. It was then that Nepallem and the Fairy appeared. They reveal that Tiamet was born with a Transcendent Star and was capable of becoming a Transcendent in this world. And they offered him a trade. With this, Tiamet gained strength and killed the 1st grade citizens who had the power to control the enhanced race and saved all the 2nd grade citizens and the enhanced beings. He used them to create the White Dragon Arena and then sealed the enhanced beings, the Ains, who could become a variable. The 3rd grade citizens were put to sleep and had their memories erased. They then became the players in the Green Zone.

With the trade with the Fairy, Tiamet was to transcend and attain the power to escape the world with his Skill of Annihilation. Only then would Astania be released from being a hostage. If anyone was to discover the 3rd grade citizens who lie beyond the Spirit Lands, the players would all disappear, including Astania.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Tiamet holds one of the three godly weapons of the Empire, Rangkom's Stake.

Tiamet is capable of withstanding the damage of the mana storm in the Spirit Lands. However, the mana storm in the deepest area of the Spirit Lands is able to greatly hinder his strength.

Tiamet is in possession of a Light Spirit, one of the most destructive spirits in existence. With this, he is able to create lasers from his finger that can erase everything in its path. With 5 or so fingers, he was able to nearly kill Hansoo.

Tiamet is one of few born with a Transcendent Star. This gives him the right to break through the ceilings and limitations of a world and go far beyond to the point of becoming a Transcendent.

Tiamet created the White Dragon Arena, a circular plaza hundreds of meters wide, to collect the energy from a mana node and carefully absorbed that mana through the use of Rangkom's Stake. While he collected this strength carefully within his body he used the White Dragon Arena and Rangkom's Stake to suppress it since it would all go to waste if this strength went crazy before he made his way to break the wall and become a Transcendent. After 1000 years, Tiamet who've already became the strongest being in the world was about to break out of the White Dragon Arena and become a true legendary Dragon until Hansoo arrived.

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