A very powerful Triple Numbering Reinforcement skill. Rank 312.

Description Edit

A white-mana white-aura reinforcement skill that covers the user's entire body with bright white flame. The iris of the user will get smaller and smaller as if it was getting replaced by white. Deadly White Eyes. Something that happened when the whites of the eyes covered the black parts entirely.

Abilities Edit

White River Demonic Art is white and pure. It was a crazy demonic art that ate up all of one's emotions that would get in the way of combat once it was activated. It turned one's mind white. The user will become a crazy War God who causes destruction until they wake. Until everything they had enmity against was erased. The fight would only end if the enemy died or the user died.

When Ekidu uses the White River Demonic Arts, she calculates for the worst possible outcome before using it. Since it is a reinforcement skill, her runes are increased when it is used.

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